Currently 300/300 of the way full


Why is this free?

It’s free, yet I’m incentivized to help you because my efforts of bringing this community together are being rewarded way more than your $2999 SMMA no money-back guru. After your 30-day free trial using High Level (the full-service software used by my agency), I get 40% recurring monthly commissions for as long as people keep using the software. So my focus isn’t scamming as many 15 year olds as I can, it’s providing long-term 1-on-1 value to a select group of agencies that are similar to mine.

What happens once there are 300 agencies?

All the complacent agency owners will be kicked off for applicants who are more driven and innovative with their agencies. While you will learn more than in any other paid course, you are never guaranteed your spot. Don’t hate the player hate the game.

What is this mastermind focussing on?

Our obsession is to transform niches of local business using paid ads and software automations. The goal of this mastermind is to assemble an exclusive network of winners with an active obsession in pushing the boundaries of service delivery — the type that makes clients reach out to you, instead of the other way around.

Can members be kicked off?

Yep, keeps the quality of knowledge high.

What do I get with the $97/mo affiliate link?

You can use my affiliate link for the $97/mo plan and get access to the free waitlist course by DM on my instagram @thomasgonnett with the email you used to sign up. I will then send you the videos.